Friday, August 22, 2008

Talent Show / Noche de talentos

The truth is that when one has sooooo many talents, one must share them with everybody!!! Jacob and Lauryn played a few songs with their violas, Pily and Diego sang together and well, we spent the evening drinking chicha. (As an extra bonus Diego got to see an old friend, Elsa).

Es que cuando uno tiene tantos talentos, pues ¡¡tiene que compartiros con los demás!! Jacob y Lauryn tocaron un par de canciones en la viola, Pily y Diego cantaron y bueno, se pasó la tarde bebiendo chicha. (Además Diego tuvo la oportunidad de ver a su querida amiga Elsa).


Jennifer said...

My mom is always telling me to get my kids into violin lesseons.
You look great Melany!

Sistahood said...

Whoa! Chicha? That stuff was banned for us missionaries in Peru. I'm guessing the stuff you guys drank wasn't By the way, I'm jealous of all of your nice tans.

katie said...

Hey mel, I just found your blog. What are you doing in spain. That is so fun. Gosh, it has been forever since I have seen you. You have a beautiful family. This is Katie P. by the way from good ol chino.