Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back From the Dead!!

O.K. so I guess that I am back to the land of the living! Or maybe not. I still have to get up with Lila several times a night, but at least the others are adjusted back to being home. I am finally sitting down to update our blog. I decided that after gaining some major poundage after getting back from Spain, I needed to do something to keep myself from eating my favorite missed foods like...powdered donuts, cookies, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, etc, etc, etc!!! So here I am trying to keep myself out of the kitchen and decided that I would finally listen to all the emails and comments asking when we were going to update our blog. I had to start with Christmas pictures...I know, only 2 months late, but since this is like a diary I thought that I had better not skip it! So we spent Christmas at Grandma and Grandpas in Northern Cal and had a blast! Michelle and Robert surprised us and showed up the Saturday before Christmas. I couldn't have asked for a better gift. I love my family and there isn't anything that I would rather do than sit and hang with them. They are the best!!

So of course we did the nativity story. Thanks to Michelle who can pull anything together even in chaos. The kids did a great job and were so cute!

Aitana was Mary

Along side Todd as Joseph and Lila as baby Jesus

Lauryn played the Angel

Jacob played one of the wise men

Ryan and Rex played the Shepherds

Scott also played one of the wise men, Krista was the narrator and pianist, and Adam wanted nothing to do with the whole thing!!

After the nativity Santa made a surprise appearance. Ryan and Rex were not all that happy with him!!!

Michelle and my mom worked their booties off to get 4 dresses, 6 ties sown, and 6 suits ordered so the kids would all look fancy for church. My mom and sister are wonderful seamstresses and they all looked so cute. Krista sewed all the matching jammie pants!!

It was a little tough to get them all happy in the picture, but we got one O.K. one!

It was really fun to have Rex and Ryan together and hopefully one day they will be the best of pals!

I think that our little Lila enjoyed spending Christmas with the entire family too!

Hopefully I can be better about posting more, but I must admit having five kids has smacked me in the face pretty hard!! Thanks to Diego my house isn't a pit and I am still sane! I love my kids and wouldn't trade it for anything!