Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dosie doe your partner!

Quick fun trip!
Two weeks ago Michelle and I decided to meet in Albuquerque with the kids. The kids had a blast being with their cousins. We swam at the hotel pool and had a fun night at a pizza place called ITS. Michelle and I were a little beat as you can see, but it was worth it. No time for hair or makeup! Too bad we don't live closer. As we were leaving Jacob said to me "I wish Scott was my brother." Aitana decided the first day we were there that she didn't want to swim with her floaties so off they went. She is a great little swimmer. I was so grateful that Diego kept Ryan so the 8 hour drive wasn't too bad...2 year olds are into everything and very hard to reason with!

Adam and Lila enjoying their fingers.

Aitana was a crack up trying to steer the bowling ball with her body.

Last Friday was Square Dancing day at Washington Elementary. I didn't even try to pull a costume together for Jacob, but Lauryn was heart broken that we didn't have anything for her to wear so I attempted to put something together...Um the closest thing that we had to cowboy boots were her high black boots and the closest thing that we had to a western skirt was a short plaid looking thing...LOL! Didn't really look too rustic to me, but she was happy. Anything to please. The funnest part of the entire thing was watching Jacob spin his partner. It was like she was a sack of potatoes. He would just fling her around...I was cracking up!

Monday, April 6, 2009

So Blessed.

Yesterday while sitting with my family watching conference I couldn't help but think about how very blessed I am. I can't even begin to list all of my blessings, but I have to mention 3 things that I couldn't live without. My Heavenly Father, my Savior Jesus Christ, and my family. What a wonderful feeling to know that we can be together forever with our family and Savior! Who could ask for more? It really made me think what the most important things in life are. Although money sure makes things easier I could live without it if needs be, but without my family or the Savior it wouldn't be much. Just some random thoughts that I wanted to get onto paper...or should I say into cyberspace somewhere.
Aitana's class had some animals come for a visit from the Little River Zoo. I don't think that she was too sure about it! The teacher invited siblings to come and Ryan was all about it! The women even commented how gentle and well behaved he was with the animals for his age...who knew? I love the look on Aitana's classmates face.

Jacob earned is Wolf in cub scouts. I now understand why the mom gets a pin at the same time! It takes a lot of proding to get things done...especially when you wait until last minute. We have a fun cub master who always has good ideas for pack meetings. This last pack meeting she arranged for a fire truck and ambulance to come...the ambulance got called away, but the boys thought it was great.

Ryan is in a big boy bed now...or should I say next to a big boy bed. Lila definately has outgrown her bassinet and was sleeping in a porta crib so we thougt it was about time to make the move. Ryan was climbing out anyways and I was too cheap to buy another crib. Well he is doing great, but the first night he decided the floor would be better. How comfie!