Friday, May 29, 2009

I love my boy

Tonight Diego is at the Father Daughter camp out with the girls so I put Ryan and Lila to bed and Jacob made us dinner. He wanted it to be a surprise and he said that he was going to make quesadillas. So when I came in the kitchen and sat at the table he had cut mine in the shape of a heart. He is such a sweet boy and I love him so much. A memory I will cherish forever. Me and my boy eating heart shaped quesadillas...who could ask for anything more! I'm so lucky. Sorry no pics my camera is on the fritz!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lila My Love

I decided to try to feed Lila some cereal....

Didn't go so well!

She was still happy!

Diego decided to let her taste his popsicle....

She was so fast that Diego couldn't stop her before she grabbed it and took a big bite!

I think that she got a brain freeze!

We went to the school and had lunch with the kids on super kids day and Lila was the main attraction! Lauryn loved showing off her little sister.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Loaded Weapon and Diego's New Job

The title of this post has to do with Aitana. I just never know what is going to come out of her mouth and when. Last night we were getting into our car at a restaurant and there was a man in his car next to ours. He was talking on his cell phone with the window down and as Aitana walked by she looked into the window and said "YOU BETTER WATCH OUT MISTER!" then starts cracking up. I was a little shocked and was going to get on her, but then Diego started laughing and we all started laughing....a little random wouldn't you say!

At Lauryn and Jacobs viola recital I asked her what instrument she wanted to play with a very serious face she looked at me and said "The Tuba." Well O.K. whatever floats you boat.

What a blessing kids are to keep us laughing all the time...or yelling or crying...I sure love mine!
Diegos new job!

Yep after years of school Diego finally found his dream job! Working the drive thru at McDonalds! Last night it was McTeachers night at McDonalds and Aitana had been begging to go (They put stickers on the kids at school to wear home so the kids remember to beg their parents)...thanks a lot. Anyways we weren't going to go, but time escaped me yesterday and I didn't have time to get my dinner together before Lauryn and Aitana's gymnastic recital so McDonalds it was!! Well for a school to do that fund raiser you have to have parents volunteer to help and our friend is the PTA president so he was working the drive thru. Another friend of ours was there too and he and Diego decided that it would be fun to help so they hopped behind the counter and went to work. I had to get Diego's attention by pointng to my watch so that we could go because I was past ready to go home and I think that the manager was really enjoying the free compitent help! When Diego came out he said "That was tooo much fun." He told us about a lady who drove thru with a huge cat in the seat next to her and that the cats name was Tiger. Wish I had seen it! Leave it to Diego to enjoy least we have a plan B if he never gets a teaching job! HA HA

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I think that each mother should get to pick which day she wants to celebrate Mother's Day. I had a good Mother's Day today, but yesterday was less stressful and more fun so I would consider that my Mother's Day! Yesterday I spent time with my kids in a fun relaxing way and then went on a fun date with my hubbie. I think that at first Diego thought that I was a little crazy when I told him that I wanted to ride our bikes (I got a new one for Mother's Day) down to campus and have dinner and then ride home. We had a great time, but my bum is still a little sore! We ate at this little international restaurant called Monique's Corner and it was great. We even left Lila with the babysitter for the first time and she did great. I love Diego and am happy that he always goes along with my silly ideas even though sometimes they don't turn out that great...this time it did.

There were a lot of great things about today (actual mother's day)...let me list a few in no particular order...Waking up to my sweet Lila's precious smile, Aitana telling me happy Mother's Day about 20 times, Diego making me breakfast (not that he doesn't already do it often) and buying me the cookbook that I had mentioned I wanted, talking to my mom on the phone like I do every day (usually twice a day!), the little box of chocolates that they gave all the mothers at church, listening to the primary kids sing at church, Lauryn snuggling up to me at church and any time I am sitting still, listening to Ryan tell me exactly what happened in detail only understanding one word he said: "broke", watching Jacob play with Lila and Ryan, seeing all the women at church that I love and admire and picking out the one trait that I admire about them and would love to steal from them, listening to Jacob and Lauryn perform at their viola recital, eating the treats at the reception after the viola recital that I know I will regret tomorrow, reading to my girls curled up to me in bed, getting one last sweet Lila smile before I lay her down for bed, getting a sweet kiss from my wonderful husband who picked up the house after a crazy busy day.....OK I have a lot to be grateful for...what a great Mother's Day! Oh how blessed I am to be a mother 5 times over!