Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Loaded Weapon and Diego's New Job

The title of this post has to do with Aitana. I just never know what is going to come out of her mouth and when. Last night we were getting into our car at a restaurant and there was a man in his car next to ours. He was talking on his cell phone with the window down and as Aitana walked by she looked into the window and said "YOU BETTER WATCH OUT MISTER!" then starts cracking up. I was a little shocked and was going to get on her, but then Diego started laughing and we all started laughing....a little random wouldn't you say!

At Lauryn and Jacobs viola recital I asked her what instrument she wanted to play with a very serious face she looked at me and said "The Tuba." Well O.K. whatever floats you boat.

What a blessing kids are to keep us laughing all the time...or yelling or crying...I sure love mine!
Diegos new job!

Yep after years of school Diego finally found his dream job! Working the drive thru at McDonalds! Last night it was McTeachers night at McDonalds and Aitana had been begging to go (They put stickers on the kids at school to wear home so the kids remember to beg their parents)...thanks a lot. Anyways we weren't going to go, but time escaped me yesterday and I didn't have time to get my dinner together before Lauryn and Aitana's gymnastic recital so McDonalds it was!! Well for a school to do that fund raiser you have to have parents volunteer to help and our friend is the PTA president so he was working the drive thru. Another friend of ours was there too and he and Diego decided that it would be fun to help so they hopped behind the counter and went to work. I had to get Diego's attention by pointng to my watch so that we could go because I was past ready to go home and I think that the manager was really enjoying the free compitent help! When Diego came out he said "That was tooo much fun." He told us about a lady who drove thru with a huge cat in the seat next to her and that the cats name was Tiger. Wish I had seen it! Leave it to Diego to enjoy least we have a plan B if he never gets a teaching job! HA HA


Andrea said...

I don't know why this makes me crack up so much. Kids sure say the darndest things!

Sistahood said...

Ha! Diego working the drive-thru is about the only thing that would entice me to go to McDonald's - too bad we didn't know about it!

Aitana, Aitana....all I gotta say is that you'll REALLY have your hands full in about ten years (not like you don't already). What a funny girl! The tuba? Hilarious!

The Chambers said...

oh my gosh HOW FUNNY! I wish I would have known that Diego was working the drive-thru...I totally would have gone! That must have been the sight to guys are great!