Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dosie doe your partner!

Quick fun trip!
Two weeks ago Michelle and I decided to meet in Albuquerque with the kids. The kids had a blast being with their cousins. We swam at the hotel pool and had a fun night at a pizza place called ITS. Michelle and I were a little beat as you can see, but it was worth it. No time for hair or makeup! Too bad we don't live closer. As we were leaving Jacob said to me "I wish Scott was my brother." Aitana decided the first day we were there that she didn't want to swim with her floaties so off they went. She is a great little swimmer. I was so grateful that Diego kept Ryan so the 8 hour drive wasn't too bad...2 year olds are into everything and very hard to reason with!

Adam and Lila enjoying their fingers.

Aitana was a crack up trying to steer the bowling ball with her body.

Last Friday was Square Dancing day at Washington Elementary. I didn't even try to pull a costume together for Jacob, but Lauryn was heart broken that we didn't have anything for her to wear so I attempted to put something together...Um the closest thing that we had to cowboy boots were her high black boots and the closest thing that we had to a western skirt was a short plaid looking thing...LOL! Didn't really look too rustic to me, but she was happy. Anything to please. The funnest part of the entire thing was watching Jacob spin his partner. It was like she was a sack of potatoes. He would just fling her around...I was cracking up!


katie said...

Lila is getting so big. Time flys to fast. It is so fun to get together with your sis and kids. Its funny, I remember fighting non stop with my sisters growing up, now I would do anything to live closer.

Callie said...

You are a brave woman, you! Glad you had a fun trip. Love the square dancing pictures... brings back elementary school memories!

susana said...

Qué divertido! parece que lo pasasteis muy bien. De vez en cuando va bien pasar unos dias de vacaciones, aunque con tantos niños un poco difícil.
Lila es una monada,está muy bonita.

Mindy Jo said...

you're so cool! driving across the country to hang out with your sister one weekend! you rock! your kids are lucky to have you as their mom!

Tania Jabonero said...

Que bien os lo pasais, ya me encantaria a mi, tener 5 nenes ya como tu y no tener nada de tiempo!!!!!!!! solo con mis hijos!!Nunca se tiene lo que se quiere!!