Thursday, July 24, 2008

Throw me a bone / Dame un hueso

Ryan loves dogs. As soon as he sees one anywhere, the park, the beach, the streets, the airport, he wants to play with it. While we waited for Grandma and Krista, Ryan spied a little puppy and right away he wanted to touch it. Without a bone to offer, Ryan gave the puppy his finger to lick.

A Ryan le encantan los perros. En cuanto ve uno en cualquier parte: el parque, la playa, la calle, el aeropuerto, enseguida quiere jugar con él. Mientras esperábamos por la abuela Purser y Krista, Ryan vio un perrito y quiso tocarlo. A falta de un hueso, Ryan le ofreció uno de sus dedos para que el perrito lo lamiera.


Rebecca said...

Hey, Melanie! It's SO GOOD to see pictures of your cute family! Looks like you're having a great time! So are you having a girl or boy? Hope all is well! Love, Rebecca

keelfam said...

How fun! Ryan is so cute! We hope you guys are doing great and having a blast..Melanie, by the time you get back I will be more than ready for another girls night sleepover! We miss you guys! Take care