Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spain Versus USA

I guess since everybody we know has a blog, it is time that we get one ourselves. It seems to be the easiest and the fastest way to communicate with old and new friends, to mantain some kind of journal, and most importantly to spread gossip around in a more sophisticated manner. For those of you out there that don´t know, Melany and I have been married almost ten years and have four beautiful children (I can say that in my own blog, right?). Melany is pregnant with our fifth and hopefully, the baby will be born in Spain before we return to the US this December. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we are in Spain right now. We arrived here last June to stay six and a half months. Besides visiting family and friends, spending time at the many beaches around here and eating delicious food, the main purpose of this trip is to research Literature from the Canary Islands in order to complete my doctoral dissertation. If I am successful I will be graduating soon as a Doctor in Spanish Literature. And then, who knows! We would like to move back to California but it still is a little too expensive for us. I know Melany would love to live closer to her family and I don´t really have a preference to where we should live or even work in the US. Anyway, life is good to us right now. We promise to keep this updated as much as possible. Please visit us soon and let us know what you think and what´s going on with you and your family.


holley family said...

HEy HEY HEY!!! wow, congratulations, this is noel holley (and brad). nice to see you guys on the blogging world! check out our blog
congrats on your 2 new ones since we last saw you. crazy stuff!

Maria said...

Qué bueno saber de ustedes y ver lo bien que lo están pasando. Sobre todo la gran experiencia que será para los niños. Pero, Melany cómo te va a ti? Estás gozando? Ya eres una "Canaria" completa?
Espero que gocen mas y que sigan poniendo fotos y reseñas de su viaje, es FABULOSO. Gracias por compartir estos lindos momentos.
Con cariño, Caridad