Monday, September 29, 2008

My spanish, or lack thereof! / Mi español, o falta del mismo

Well last Sunday we got to church, not having to run the entire way which is usually the case, and sat our family under the only air conditioning. After the branch Pres. made his announcements he said that Diego would be giving the opening prayer. I said "did they ask you" and he said no, but who cares really it´s a prayer how hard can it be! We got through the meeting with not too many issues with our 4 wiggly kids and I heard my name towards the end right before the closing song. I asked Diego "did they announce that I am speaking in a couple of weeks?" Which I am! It seemed a little odd to me, but you never know. He said no he said that you were giving the closing prayer!!! Um great! They asked me to give the closing prayer one other time and I was a nervous wreck!! It´s not like you can just write it down, have your hubby translate it and then read it! I have a terrible memory so I didn´t even try to memorize it. So the first time they asked me I thought that I could just practice in my head during church and ask Diego how to say some of the things that I was thinking about. Well it just happened that Jacob rolled his ankle the day before and it was getting worse so Diego took him to the doctor Sunday morning! I was on my own. I did ask one of the elders (my dentist from Californias´s a small world) to translate a few things. I did o.k., but made it short and sweet. Anyways back to last Sunday. So I had very little time to play things out in my head and just got up and winged it. So after my short and sweet prayer I go walking off the stand and see Diego grinning and talking to his sister! O.k. I´m sure that I screwed something up!! So I sit down and Jacob looks at me and says "doesn´t Sabado mean Saturday?" In my prayer I said that I was greatful for this Saturday!! Am I LDS or Seventh Day Adventist? O.k. great my 8 year old son knows more Spanish than his dumb mom! No, I know my days of the week for heavens sake, but that is what you get for springing a prayer on an unsuspecting gringa!!!

I´m going to start quoting my kids when I can remember some of the funny things that they say at the end of my posts. This blogging has been great journaling for me!!

I was getting on Aitana for splashing water all over the bathroom and this is how our converstion went

Mom.."Aitana stop splashing and flooding the bathroom"

Aitana.. "Why does Ryan get to?"

Mom.."Because he is a baby and doesn´t understand that he shouldn´t. You are a big girl and know better."

Aitana.."I wish I was a baby."

Mom.."You were once."

Aitana.."Did I splash when I was a baby? Because I really wanted to."

Mom.."Yes of course!"

Si realmente quieren saber el significado del palique éste que se metió mi esposa, pues me avisan y se los resumo...


hoppygirl said...

That is so cute what your daughter said. Just when kids seem to drive you crazy they say something to crack you up.

As for saying a prayer in are brave. I have a hard time getting up in front of people speaking English.

It is so great to be in touch with you again!

SingledOut4 said...

I would have died! I have a hard time speaking in English.

Sistahood said...

I love it! It reminds me of a time when I was teaching with my companion and was talking about how "LA papa" ("the potato") doesn't have any authority - instead of saying "EL papa" ("the pope") doesn't have authority. I just about died afterwards when I found out my mistake. Luckily we were still in the Peru MTC teaching mock discussions, but I was still talking to natives and felt sooo stupid. Kudos to you for having the courage to wing it - they love to see us try, even when we mess up :o)

Andrea said...

I'm just impressed that you would give the paryer in Spanish. I think I would have just said it in English and sat down. Although, someone would have probably gotten offended. I have been surprised lately that so many people get their feelings hurt so easily at church.

Andrea said...

I tagged you on my blog, it's there if you want to come play!

Lisa said...

I was hoping you said something in your prayer about being embarassed! Then people would think you were pregenant! That would be awesome!