Monday, November 10, 2008

What the heck is the deal!!

O.K. so I am a little bitter right now and I have to vent. I truly enjoy being pregnant...I know I´m sick and wrong. I wouldn´t have almost 5 kids if I had terrible pregnancies. Anyways so since we arrived in Spain a little over 5 months ago I have only gained like 7 pounds and I weigh the least that I have ever weighed with any of my pregnancies. I totally attribute this to having to walk everywhere and not being able to drive through any of my favorite fast food joints anytime I feel a touch hungry or I didn´t plan dinner. (Now I am not saying I am thin by any means because I definately started this pregnancy way over my ideal weight but at least I haven´t tacked on another 20-30 pounds like I usually do.)

So back to my frustration. I have always chuckled to myself about these super thin women who look like a tooth pick with a pea on it and have high blood sugar or high blood pressure when they are prego. I don´t laugh because I am super jealous that they look so great, but I just think that it should be the women who can throw down the super sized Big Mac meals with no prob. (like myself) that should struggle with those issues. It just seems logical to me. Hope I don´t offend any of my fellow big eaters!! So I have my first glucose test and I pass it. I have never had an issue with any of my pregnancies, but for some crazy reason the Doc has me do another one. Not sure why, maybe they do it differently here. Well that great orange drink that they give you isn´t quite as great here ha ha. They don´t even try to make it somewhat drinkable. Nope, the second time I had to do it I just about lost it!

So I go to the OB tonight and he has the results from my blood tests and says that my blood sugar is a little high and then the nurse takes my blood presure and says that it is a little high!!! Wait a second....I am like 15 pounds less than any of my other pregnancies, how can this be? Then the doctor procedes to tell Diego that I have to go in for the grand daddy glucose test of them all tomorrow which is 3 hours and they have to draw blood 3 times, oh yeah and I couldn´t leave out that tasty orange drink!! Oh, if I had a Taco Bell close I would have driven there and thrown down a few burritos! Oh, and the biggest Dr. Pepper that I could get my hands on. Oh wait maybe not, the heart burn would have killed me! So needless to say I am totally bitter! I am definately happy that I haven´t gained as much weight, but someone help me understand the logistics because I am definately not a doctor!!

I also had an unltrasound this morning and the tech said that the baby looked chubby (gordita) and that my amniotic fluid was okay to low. She scheduled me to have another ultrasound a week from Friday. The baby´s health comes first but it would be great timewise if I had to be induced a little early. We´ll see!

Quick note of funny things kids say
The kids are watching some Chinese show called something like ninja warrior. It looked a little bit to me like American Gladiators only there weren´t any steriod using gladitors on this show, just really strong Chinese men. The contestants have to go through these crazy obstacle courses that require massive amounts of strength. Don´t ask me why, but the kids think it is the greatest thing. So this is the conversation.

Jacob-Mom do they have any shows like this in the US?
Me-Yeah they have a show called American Gladiators

A few minutes pass.

Jacob-If Daddy ever went on that show he would have to lose a LOT of weight and gain a little bit of muscles.
Lauryn-But Daddy isn´t from China, he is from Spain.


Andrea said...

I failed one of my glucose tests and had to that long thing! What sucks is after two times of taking blood, the tech guy goes, "You've gotten no where close to failing any of the other two sticks." So um, why are you doing the third?

SingledOut4 said...

I think you look GREAT! I had to take the 3 hour test too. Take a good book to read!

Tracy said...

Melanie, You look fab!!! Your tests are sick and wrong. Looking forward to you guys being back, and having Ryan in nursery. Good luck on the granddaddy of all tests! ;)

Jenn said...

Your kids are funny -- and incredibly logical.

I hope all goes well with your tests. I think some doctors just love torturing people. Hopefully that's the kind you have. I hate that orange junk. Are you sure it's really worse? How is that possible?

You're getting pretty close to a baby, aren't you? I can't wait.

Marie Fackrell said...

Yeah you are showing! It's about stinking time, you're looking fab.
I didn't know the orange drink is ickier in Spain. I guess it is one of those I'm glad I didn't know things. If it is any consolation they had me do two glucose tests also. Do they make you go to a different clinic for the three hour one? Isn't the lab place only open for an hour? hummmm... good luck!

katie said...

You look great mel. Almost done. The things kids say. They certainly got your fun personality.