Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heart melting!

I just had to post this before I forgot! Lauryn was asking to have her own email address because Jacob does, so we got her signed up yesterday. I always check their emails with them or before they do because you never know what is going to get sent to them. I just opened Lauryn´s email and found this from Jacob...too much for a mom!

Dear Lauryn,
You are my sister, and I am your brother, and I love you.

They are only 16 and a half months apart and they are best friends. Hopefully it stays that way even when they get older. I love listening to them at night talking and giggling. (Until it starts getting too late and then...well you know) They usually sneek into the same bed. Lauryn plays legos with Jacob and Jacob reads Junie B. Jones books with Lauryn. They are too cute! Lauryn was beside herself when Jacob was out of school for a week and she couldn´t play with him at recess. What more could you want as a mom! I am so glad that Lauryn has a wonderful big brother like I do. What a blessing.


Andrea said...

I love those happy moments, it makes you feel like you must be doing something right as a mom.

Amie said...

too precious! my brother and I are that close in age and we were so on and off: BFFs one second and then beating each other up the next!

Lisa said...

It's all cute until they start teasing and beating the crap out of each other;) Its funny Shawn and Leila play so good with each other and they are 4 years apart. Oh but they can tease and fight..but I just took a picture this morning of them sleeping together. It was so cute!!

mindy jo said...

I love this descriptiong of their relationship! It's perfect. And no worries - their love and friendship and bonds will continue to grow as the years go by! You're a great Mom, Melany! Love ya!

Jennifer said...

This is why all my kids are so close in age! I think sibling relationships can be this wonderful.