Sunday, November 23, 2008


I love what kids come up with!! So on Friday Jacob came home from school and was very anxious to show me something. He pulls out this little notebook and opens it. The first page reads, "DNA Book By Jacob." Then he turns the page and there is a hair taped to it and written underneath it says Jacob´s hair, his sex, age, and color of eyes. I was cracking up. Throughout the day he managed to collect many different people´s hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. He then informed me that when he grows up he wants to be a scientist that works with DNA. In my head I am thinking, "yeah stick to that one you can make good money being a scientist!" I once got in trouble with Diego when Jacob told me that when he grew up he wanted to be a writer and I pretty much shot him down informing him that it is very difficult to become a successful writer and they usually don´t make a good living. O.K. so definately not one of my shining mom moments! I learned my lesson so now I just agree how great it would be to become a shop owner, construction worker, lego architect, Wii game maker, or whatever the choice job of the week is!

I was also happy that Jacob informed me that he changed his mind about what he wants for Christmas (for the 100th time.) He said that he wants a science kit with a "microscope and tubes to do science experiments." I am definately happier spending money on that than another lego set, or wii game! If anyone has any suggestions on where or which one is good please let me know. I am going to have minimal time to do Christmas shopping when we get home.

So back to DNA. We are all sitting in the living room when I glance over at Lauryn, who is sitting next to Ryan on the coffee table, and without even blinking she grabs a large tuft of Ryan´s bangs and cuts it off!! Um, did I just see what I think I saw? Now, I must admit Ryan´s hair is getting a little too long, but I get an uproar from the entire family including Diego when I even mention cutting it! And yes Amie, he is starting to look a little like a man child! Luckily you couldn´t really tell that she cut it. Anyways after putting Lauryn in time out and explaining to her that we don´t cut anyone´s hair, including our own, and after she apologized for not asking permission (yeah, because I would´ve said yes if you asked, or NOT!), I did have to laugh to myself and be greatful that my kids like to help each other out with their projects. After all, she said that she was just trying to help Jacob get more DNA! I did catch Lauryn today trying to pull one of Aitana´s eyelashes out! When I got on her about it Aitana looked at me and said "I want her to." O.K. kids whatever!

Here is the infamous hair that Lauryn cut from Ryan´s locks!

Most would agree that it is at least time for a trim.


Callie said...

What a smart kid Jacob is... I guess if you ever by chance need a hair sample for anyone in your family, you'll know where to get it.
Ryan's hair is so long- it is so hard to cut though since it'll never be the same again, huh!

Cute kids.

Amie said...

DNA!!! I love it! I love that they are collecting samples...don't let them know about the DNA in spit! Izzy is also asking for a microscope from Santa (Target has a cool one). I love the man-child Ryan! Please don't cut his hair until I can get my hands on him! How was your appointment Friday?

Michelle said...

Clark family votes on the hair issue:
Michelle-CUT THE HAIR!!
Scott-Don't cut it.(I think that he has been inhaling white out recently.)
Todd-Don't cut it. (He has an eye appointment next week.)
Adam-What a cute little girl.

The Webb Family said...

You know I love those curls... Too cute!!!

Rebecca said...

Hope Jacob's doing OK! Good luck with your upcoming delivery! I'm excited to see you soon!

Andrea said...

Sometimes kids can just be funny and there's no other way to put it. I can't believe it is getting closer to you guys coming back ot the US and your baby. Time flies!

Tracy said...

Love the Lauryn story. She and Aitana sound just like my girls. Looking forward to seeing you guys back here!

Lisa said...

You need to write a screen play about your life with your kids. Its sooooo funny!! btw I miss our dinners out at Outback laughing at all our craziness!!

Kelli said...

I love his hair!! I wish my kids could grow some.

Taryn said...


If Hudson would have had hair like that I would have never cut it!!!! He would be Hudsina by now!