Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So sad to say goodbye!

Well I had to say good bye to my treasured flip flops! (Side note: I always called them thongs growing up until the all so popular underwear took over the name and people looked at you weird when you yelled across Payless Shoes "Look at these cute thongs!" I begrudgingly changed my verbage.) Anyways I bought these on clearance at Wallgreens as I was running out after picking up a perscription over a year ago. If I remember correctly they cost me $1.50. Wow what a treasure I had found only didn´t realize it at the time. I just wanted some cheap shoes to throw on when getting kids from the bus or running to Taco Bell. Oh how great they have been! I can´t count the miles that I have walked through Tenerife in them. I even bought some better looking flip flops, but nothing was as good. Why is it that we can shop and shop for hours for something, but it is never quite as good as the wonderful items that we find on clearance at Walmart, Target, or even Goodwill! (Another side note: One time Diego found a Willow Tree at Goodwill for a dollar...he was so proud!) I know that these flip flops are so disguistingly dirty, but that never bothered me. If you look closely you can see where Lauryn stuck a sticker on them and then I couldn´t get it off so the adhesive just collected dirt...nasty. Anyways you can judge me like all the other fasionable ladies here do or you can feel sorry for me and tell me to go buy some knew shoes either way my feet are in mourning! I wish that I had taken a side shot before I threw them away so that all could see how worn down they were. Oh what a sad day!


Callie said...

So sad... my cheapo Target ones did the same thing. Not like more expensive ones wouldn't. Do they have any cheap stores like Wal-mart in Spain?

About the thong thing, I finally switched over to saying "flip-flops" when I was in YW in Norman... once I got up and told the girls they all needed to bring thongs to girls camp and you should have seen the looks on their faces! Ha, ha- just proves I'm old-school I guess.

Amie said...

It's truly a sad day when your fave footware goes by the wayside! I wish it were still flip-flop wearing weather here seeing as I can't bend over to put shoes on anyway!

Andrea said...

I love those kinds of finds. The ones that you don't plan and they end up being the best ever! I don't know why, but it surprises me to hear you say that there are fashionable people in Spain. (I know, it isn't like I am racist or anything) You just always think of them being in Paris or something like that, but not Spain. I guess they are everywhere huh? BTW Happy Belated birthday!

Taryn said...

Aaaaahhhhh, sacred shoes. Jesus wore them. I know he did. It is the only thing I wear. Even in Winter. Who says 49 degrees outside constitutes covering your toes? Crazy people that's who! I will mourn your shoes, while you mourn my bread!

Marie Fackrell said...

That is the only tragedy of flip-flops. The really perfect ones ware out way too fast.
Do you want me to send you another pair from Wallgreens?
Thanks for the "hard time" on the lack of blog from us. I will now feel obligated to leave the apartment for more than groceries and church, so I have something to blog. This is a good development.

katie said...

Oh Mel, you just don't know how much I understand what you are going through. My beloved dog, just got the better of my treasured "thongs". Oh how I will miss them.