Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Book Worms / ¡Suelta ese libro!

Our kids love to read!! They usually ask to go to bed about a half an hour early so that they have time to read their favorite books. Sometimes they are upset when we are out too late and we have to tell them to turn the lights out before they have a chance to read. When we got to Spain we didn´t really think about not having English books for them to read. They got through the ones we brought very quickly. We checked out as many English books from the local library as we could but you can guess the English section wasn´t that big! Finally, when Melany´s mom came to visit in July, she brought a whole suitcase full of books from Michelle and as gifts for the kids. Well, we are just about done with all of those, they´d better learn Spanish faster so they can read El Quijote, and One Hundred Years of Solitude before we get back!

Harry Potter is still Jacob´s favorite but he has now read many classics he has really enjoyed. Currently, he is venturing into the Lord of the Rings. We are not sure if it will be too much for him. It doesn´t look like he´s enjoying The Hobbit very much, does it?

Ryan is really starting to enjoy books, especially anything with a dog in it. Right now, every animal makes the same barking noise! "Woof, woof."

Aitana loves to be read to (especially by her sister Lauryn) and look at picture books. Hopefully she will pick up reading as quickly as the older two. We are sure once she does she will love reading as much as the others.

Lauryn LOOOOVES the Junie B. Jones series. All the ones that she owns she has read 4 to 5 times each. She doesn´t just read one at a time, she usually has 3 to 4 going at the same time. That would confuse me but she always knows exactly what happens in every book and quotes Junie quite often. Last night we had to take them away from her for an evening after her aunt Pily asked her what was wrong with Aitana and she replied that it wasn´t any of her "beeswax."


Amie said...

We love the Junie B books, too! When you get home, you'll have to check out the Junie B audio cds they have at the library- they're hilarious! Loved talking to you the other day!!! We miss you guys!

Jennifer said...

I love that your kids love reading! I've gotten into reading these past two years and I really hope my kids will enjoy reading also.

Rachel said...

I love reading your blog and hearing about all the fun adventures you are having in the islands!