Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"I´m Melany and I´m a blogaholic!" I just had to laugh as I was reading my friends blog about her crazy day. We all talk about how crazy it gets and how we don´t have enough time to get things done....then we blog about it. That takes some time, but I would rather do that than dishes! I love it!! I am addicted to blogging and reading others blogs. The other day Diego asked me what I did and I said, "Um wasted my time on the computer!" But then again it isn´t a waste to me. I feel like I am friends again with my old friends and back in touch with my cousins and whoever else I find while going from blog to blog to blog. I love to read about peoples lifes. Maybe I´ll make a pact with Diego and tell him that I will stop eavsdropping at restaurants since I spend so much time on blogs. O.K. or maybe I won´t! Thanks Diego for getting us started and thanks Taryn for pushing me!!

Side note - Ryan is talking a little! Ryan has been repeating words here and there. His first was agua. He doesn´t just come out and say things usually, but he does a lot of repeating. Anyways last night we were playing with the camera and he grabbed it and said "say cheese." Diego and I looked at each other and were shocked. He continued to do it as he tried to take my picture. Lauryn and Aitana didn´t talk until they were 2 so I guess that he has a leg up on them!


Andrea said...

I love it when my kids start to talk. It means that they can tell you what they want instead of the whine,which you then have to interpret and keep guessing at what it means. Then you get it right and they get all excited like, "Duh mom..."

Heather said...

DITO and I feel the same exact way about bloging!! I love it and I really think I "journal" 100 times more than I would if I didn't blog.
I love your stinkin' guts!!

Tania Jabonero said...

I love your children and Ryan looks so cute!!!! they might look like you cause Diego!!! aint that handsome!!! hahaha just kidding battista. And thanks to take your time to updating your blog requires time! and effort thay way we know a little about you guys!!