Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots to blog about!

Like always life continues and I am running slower and can't catch up. I have lots to blog about and I don't want to leave anything out so BE PREPARED!
Ryan's birthday was in January and yet again didn't get a chance to post about it. He is so fun and we even put up with his fits! He loves to be out and about, but especially loves getting dirty and pouring out whatever he finds. Time flies by so fast. I can't believe how he has grown. One of my favorite things is when we are in the car and I will ask the kids if they want to go to the park or something of that nature and they all yell yah! Then a second later Ryan yells yah! He tries to do everything that his older siblings do which can sometimes be a problem. Good or bad though he follows their example which gets the older ones in trouble sometimes. Today he decided that he would plug my blow dryer in since he always watches big brother and sister plug their games in. Well he got a little shock and wasn't happy at all!

Jacob Turned 9
Well my baby turned 9 this month! How did that happen? He is such a blessing in our lives. Right now he is making pancakes for everyone. He is very responsible and helps me so much. Whenever I ask him to do something he usually gets it done super fast. Like every kid though I do sometimes get a groan, but for the most part not. Last night he put Ryan's diaper on and got him dressed for bed all by himself. He is a reader and loves just about any book. Aunt Michelle sent him 2 books for his birthday and he had the first one read in I think 3 days. What a fun 9 years I have had raising him, but the sad thing is that he doesn't need my help much anymore so I will just have to stand back and watch him grow up and learn lifes lessons. That is the hard part because I hate to see him sad when he fails at something or gets dissapointed, but that's how we grow. I love you my Jacob you are such a light in my life.

Jacob wanted to have a breakfast birthday party so the kids showed up in their jammies, ate a lot, wrestled, and had a pillow fight! I guess we are past the age of party games! Thanks for keepin' the cakes commin' Amie. I couldn't have feed them fast enough without you.

Jacob, Lauryn, and Diego played their violas at the Mall Marathon. (Kids from Norman perform on their musical instruments all day at the mall, they even bring a piano in) The Norman School for Strings always participates and they did a great job. They have an awesome teacher! Lauryn doesn't hate it that much!

So I have been a huge slacker about getting Lila's picture taken in her blessing dress, but I finally did it! My computer is being a huge headache so I only scanned one. Hopefully I will scan more of them later!

It is finally official! Our good friends the Searcys are moving in 3 doors down from us. We are all so excited and couldn't believe it when she first told us a couple of weeks ago that it was a possibility. They got the final O.K. and Lauryn is especially excited because their daughter Izzy is Lauryn's good friend and they will get to ride the bus together. I am especially happy for Amie because she will finally have another bedroom and a kitchen that she deserves. That girl can cook!
Well hopefully I will be better about posting more often. It has taken me a week to finally get this done! Tommorrow I am off to my mommys house in California for a long weekend. Just me and the baby. I can't wait to see her and relax a little...oh wait we are going to attempt to sew 3 Easter dresses! Maybe I won't relax much. Thank you my hubbie for being so great and keeping the kids so that I can see my mom. You're the best! I love you


The Mason Family said...

Happy belated birthday Ryan and Jacob! I wish that your mom still lived in SoCal so that we could get together...maybe one day! Love the new pictures!

Tracy said...

Love the picture of Lila, am totally jealous of your mommy-weekend, and happy birthday to Ryan, whom I just love having in nursery. His smile is absolutely one of the best parts of my Sundays.

Sistahood said...

Thanks for the update! I've pretty much been living under a rock the last few weeks, so it's nice to know what you've been up to. I'm jealous anout your new neighbors.

Jennifer said...

What a great post! I'm so glad we have blogs so we can some what keep in touch with eachother! I love your hair cut it looks great! What big helpers 2 year olds can be (Ryan and the cereal). It's crazy that your "baby" is 9, WOW! I'm glad to see an updated picture of Lila, she's a cutie!

Marque and Sarah said...

Thanks for the update!